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RFID/NFC Protection

1. Send us information You want to programme on the TAG:
- Company name and website;
- Product name and ingredients;
- Date of production, lot numer etc.

2. You will receive login and password to Your account, on which You can verify the authenticity of Your products

3. Verification of authenticity can be both made by customer, or You.

4. We provide full technological support, including application on the product, and logistics.

TAGs can be used to promotional actions (consumer competitions) and many, many more. All the uses are restricted only by Your imagination !
*Every single programmed TAG has it’s unike number, for every single piece of your product.
*TAGs can be sticked to almost every surface, including plastics.
*TAGs are readable by smartphones with NFC functionality (Almost every smartphone).

Technology we use:

Classic sleeve

Coca-Cola's, Belvedere's (Sobieski), Pernod-Ricard's, sleeve labels... All of these, have something in common. Classic design, that is. Sometimes, great choice, especially for brands with already established market position.


Dreams are not dreams anymore ! Sleeving bottles up to 8000 ml capacity and more ! Incredible effects made possible.

Brand Protection

Marking Your products has never been more effective – by using RFID (NFC) tags, we can mark almost every product, making it unable to be abused by brand saboteurs.

Your success is our goal !