What is Classical Sleeving ?

Classical Sleeving is a standard process, that uses standard technology. Standard, but not worse than other technologies. It uses steam and/or hot-air, to sleeve PET sleeve labels on materials like GLASS/HDPE/PET/PP and many others. Finest quality, various designs, possibility to use on many materials, and incredible popularity. That is what makes this technology very special !
Example products sleeved by us, using this technology: Johnson&Johnson Body care , Wyborowa Exported, Coca-Cola Santa Claus edition.

Technology we use:

Classic sleeve

Coca-Cola's, Belvedere's (Sobieski), Pernod-Ricard's, sleeve labels... All of these, have something in common. Classic design, that is. Sometimes, great choice, especially for brands with already established market position.


Dreams are not dreams anymore ! Sleeving bottles up to 8000 ml capacity and more ! Incredible effects made possible.

Brand Protection

Marking Your products has never been more effective – by using RFID (NFC) tags, we can mark almost every product, making it unable to be abused by brand saboteurs.

Your success is our goal !