What do we do ?

Since 2001 our main specialisation is application of sleeve labels on our customers’ products. The primary objectives of Polimer are:

  1. Print of sleeve labels, according to designs provided by our customers’ (Flexo and Mirror Effect technology)
  2. Sleeve label application on any kind of material (f.e. PET, PP, HDPE, GLASS)
  3. Selection of all technical and technological materials for our clients (Complex service)
  4. Making anti-sabotage markings with UV printing, using hexadecimal encryption

Perfect sleeving is not the only service we provide !

After the sleeving process is done, it's time to pack everything up. In this step, we palletize cardboard boxes, with sleeved bottles inside of them, and wrap palletes around with plastic foil.

Ready-to-send palletes are loaded on to the truck and carried by it, untill they arrive straight to Your warehouse.

If You have no warehouse to store Your products in, You always can use one of ours ! 7200 square meters, a lot of space, entirely for Your products !

Technology we use:

Classic sleeve

Coca-Cola's, Belvedere's (Sobieski), Pernod-Ricard's, sleeve labels... All of these, have something in common. Classic design, that is. Sometimes, great choice, especially for brands with already established market position.


Dreams are not dreams anymore ! Sleeving bottles up to 8000 ml capacity and more ! Incredible effects made possible.

Brand Protection

Marking Your products has never been more effective – by using RFID (NFC) tags, we can mark almost every product, making it unable to be abused by brand saboteurs.

Your success is our goal !